South County Strings

Youth Music Monterey’s South County Strings program brings free string instruction and low-cost instrument rentals to students in southern Monterey County. Through partnerships with local school districts, YMMC provides students in grades 3-8 the ability to study cello, viola and violin in areas where music education and performance opportunities are sparse or nonexistent. The program is designed to both introduce new students to music and string instruments, and to help intermediate students develop their skills. Students receive a minimum of two hours of instruction per week, give in-school performances for their peers, and perform at community venues. Students also receive free or subsidized tickets to concerts throughout Monterey County, and attend workshops with visiting musicians - such as the YMMC Chamber Players, who visit the schools to perform for and work with the young string students.

For more information, please see our parent & student handbook or contact our office at 831-375-1992 or by email.

Interested in bringing our string music classes to your school in South Monterey County?

Youth Music Monterey County's South County Strings program involves formal partnerships between YMMC and South County school districts, including San Antonio Union School and Soledad Elementary Schools (Frank Ledesma, Jack Franscioni, San Vicente, Gabilan and Rose Ferrero.) A team of music instructors provide violin, viola, and cello instruction in group lessons during the school day. Students are not charged for the lessons and YMMC provides students with instruments for a modest monthly rental cost. Music classes begin in September and run throughout the school year through June. 

For information about bringing the South County Strings into your school, please contact our executive Director.